Contemporary Wine Racking

Your distinguished taste deserves a contemporary wine rack.

When you think of a traditional wine rack, the image of bottles being displayed on wooden shelves and pressed flatly against a wall may come to mind. You might also picture the bottles displayed in a wine cellar located somewhere specific in your house. And although there is nothing wrong with this approach to wine storage, there are now more contemporary wine rack options available.

Cable Wine Systems Inc. has created a wine racking system that offers homeowners the option to choose how they display their collection. Made from high-quality stainless steel and chromed brass connecting clamps, the Cable Wine System is as far from the more traditional wine racking as you can get.

Contemporary Wine Racking

Although change can be difficult for some people, today’s wine collectors and connoisseurs are eager to embrace more contemporary ways of displaying their wine. The one consistent theme in contemporary wine racking has been the use of metal rather than wood, as used in previous wine racking designs.

Using modern metal wine racks allows homeowners the benefit of seeing the majority of each wine bottle on display, including the label, which makes it easier to spot a specific wine without having to remove the bottle from the display itself. Using metal or steel also complements today’s design trends, which is also an important consideration when selecting a wine racking system.

Cable Wine Systems Inc. has taken modern wine racking to the next level.Our contemporary Cable Wine System not only uses the finest stainless steel cables, but it also offers the luxury and versatility of being able to fully customize the design of the rack to fit into its surroundings. No more settling for “as-is” wine racks; the ability to customize the style of a wine display is now at the owner’s or designer’s discretion.

Quality, versatility, and sophistication: three aspects every homeowner should consider when deciding how to display their wine and the same three aspects that are at the foundation of Cable Wine Systems’ promise to our customers.

Homeowners should never feel limited in their options for how they want their home designed, which is why our cable wine racking system is not only customizable, but it is also strong and versatile. Cable Wine Systems adds flare to contemporary wine rack design.

With our breathtaking designs, we have pushed the competition up a notch. Established in 2011, we didn’t take much time to reach at the top and run head to head with our competitors. Our promising and premium contemporary wine rack systems are unique and the likes of never seen before.

If you want to leave your guests awestruck, get our wine racking system installed today. You can rest assured every time someone visits your home as the wine rack will never cease to amaze them.